Once upon a time there was a boy called Jack. Jack loved history and science, he was fascinated by outer space and world war ii and he wanted to either be an astronaut or to fly and aeroplane.

And fly he did, for many years, as a member of the Royal Air Force. He got to see the world and feels like he helped save it a couple of times.

He also met a girl called Sarah. They fell in love and had a baby boy called Charlie (Jack never did like the name and wanted to call him Steven or Michael!) Sarah and Jack sadly split up a few years later – Sarah couldn’t cope with all the moving and Jack’s deployments.

Jack left the RAF after many years of service and started working for the local council. A mutual friend introduced him to an amazing girl called Samantha. Samantha and Jack got married and they lived happily ever after.

Happily ever after is still going strong today.They’ve been together 19 years, married for 13 and now have a girlfriend called Lucy who’s been with them for 7 years. The three of them have an ever-growing collection of four legged friends.

Jack is now 64 years old and has recently retired. He’s very dry-witted and sarcastic, and an optimist. He’s a kid at heart who loves to make his ladies smile. He’s a movie buff, a voracious reader, a lifelong fan of sci-fi and superheroes and was a geek long before it was ‘cool’. He can’t swim, still loves to fly and wishes he could type faster.

He loves classical music, science-fiction, fantasy, horror, gumshoe detectives, a good apocalypse, the beach at sunrise, outer space, time travel, coffee, roast beef, macaroni cheese, bacon, chocolate cake, fishing, astronomy, gardening, harrier jump jets, reading, films, leather jackets, checked shirts, comfy jeans, board games, sex, polyamory, bdsm, starlight, world war ii, dinosaurs, football, Marvel, DC, Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Netflix and Candy Crush Saga.