I Really Should Know Better

My Lady Samantha was less than impressed with the outcome of the rugby yesterday. Both by the fact that Wales lost and by the fact that I was ‘gloating’ over England’s win. If anything I would say she was sulking which might I also say was completely adorable. I do of course know better than to tell her so, at least while she’s still actively doing so, though I will kiss the pout off her face.

Her response to losing to England was to take it out on me, specifically on my butt. There’s no delicate way of saying it really – she spanked me.

This is not an unusual occcurence in our household, she is my Dominant after all. This was somewhere between a fun spanking and a punishment spanking. A ‘working out her frustrations’ which found me bare-assed tipped over her lap, hand and paddle used until she was done and my butt was red & my dick hard – it was not designed to be pleasurable for either of us but I enjoyed it none-the-less. What can I say, I like pain! She made it up to me as well by giving me an amazing blowjob followed by which I took my time in thanking her.

To say we both had a lot of fun this morning would be an understatement.

This afternoon I took her and Lucy to the cinema to see Fifty Shades Darker. I wish I’d left them there and gone to the football instead. Bangor FC U19 beat Llandudno 4-2 this afternoon and the film was utterly dreadful, although my girls enjoyed it so I guess that’s the important thing.

Since we came home, Samantha has been finishing grading homework and Lucy has been watching The Hobbit. I’ve been reading Angels & Demons (The Robert Langdon books are a guilty pleasure of mine) and sitting with a heatpack on my knee. Very domesticated, you would not think we’re all sexual heathens in our spare time 😉

I’m not entirely certain this is the post I sat down to write this evening. I’m not actually sure what I had intended to write about but honestly, this has been the main event of the day. My relationship with, and the dynamics of my relationships, with Samantha & Lucy are a vital and integral part of my life. Since my blog intention are to write about what’s in my head, what makes me happy and about my life then it makes sense that it will include the bdsm elements although I will attempt to make them as not-racy as I can, after all this is not a porno.


2 thoughts on “I Really Should Know Better

  1. I’ve read the Fifty Shades boo series (back when it was Twilight fan fiction and again when they were released as novels). I’ve seen the first movie and my friends are dragging me to see the second one tonight… they’re not the best films but good for a girlie night. It’s escapism I suppose.


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