An introduction of sorts

Hi, Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Hola, Ciao.

Welcome to my new website, to my blog, my journal. I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing here other than talking a bunch of utter nonsense. I’m at the stage of trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing here and how things work. The website equivalent of kicking the tyres or giving the place a fresh lick of paint, if you will.

I’m Jack.
My name possibly isn’t the most help though as it doesn’t tell you who I am. And who am I? Well, that is the question, isn’t it?

I am a recent retiree looking for a new hobby. Apparently ‘annoying my girlfriend’ isn’t the best use of my days. Her opinion, not mine. I’m a life-long fan of science-fiction and superheroes – both Marvel and DC. I’m a voracious reader and a movie buff. I enjoy fishing, gardening and astronomy. My favourite food is roast beef. I love to fly.  I’m a father and a son. I’m a husband and a boyfriend – and an ex. I have two cats and two dogs. I can’t swim. I wish I could type faster.

That is possibly enough as just an opening gambit.

Love to all


8 thoughts on “An introduction of sorts

  1. Glad to meet you, Jack. I wish you all the best in your blogging adventure and will gladly help a bit if I’m able. One place I’d encourage you to check out is This gives you some idea about categories and tags. You should also find sites of interest to you.

    You have me intrigued by your menagerie of “my wife, our girlfriend, and …collection of four-legged friends.” Do they all get along? My husband and I have three cats and it’s touch and go sometimes.


    1. Thank you for the link to the tags page, I sense a few lost hours exploring everything wordpress has to offer!

      We have 2 cats and 2 dogs right now. For the most part we all get on – although sometimes the cats and the puppy get a little rowdy; the puppy is still new to the family and finding his place in our pack, as it were.


  2. Ok Jack, major question: You have a wife and a girlfriend that live in the same house? Your my new found idol! Can’t wait to read your next entry. Stroll over to my blog and see what you think. Also love the background and format of this blog! -Bruce


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